The renowned institute Parvati Prema Jagati Saraswati Vihar is situated in the lap of nature on the west greenery hill welcoming the first streak of morning sunshine, enriched by the musical brook. The center of quality education is the outcome of the generosity of the reputed Jagati family, the dauntless efforts of devoted diving souls for social welfare, ideas and guidelines of number of educationists, and the suggestion of our ever keen observer parents. It is essential here to mention that the reputed Jagati family (Mrs. Parwati
Devi Shah) had donated 21 acers of land to Vidya Bharti for opening the school for imparting education as well moral values to the children. She thought that it would be utilized for the noblest deed in her life. Mrs. Prema Jagati (The wife of Mr. Narendra Lal Shah Jagati) also accompanied her and germinated the education tree on 24th July 1983.On the auspicious day of Guru Purnima. Bhartiya Shiksha Samiti Uttar Pradesh tatted the name to this school Parvati Prema Jagati Saraswati Vihar Sr Sec School.
We, at Parwati Prema Jagati Saraswati Vihar, Senior Secondary School, Nainital are committed to groom such a unique residential school that provides the student’s an atmosphere to realize their potential at best.
Humanism and compassion is the core value of the institute. Each child is an individual and all children are creative and all children need to succeed. We enrich our students in such a manner that they become the role model/inspiration to/of the society and spread the light of humanity to the world. We aim to prepare intellectuals and national leaders who can set new benchmarks in different eld like Technology, Management, Defense, Administrative Services, Medical, Engineering, Games and Sports, Fine Arts,
Music, Drama, Agriculture, Research, Industrial and Commercial Sectors.

We aim to provide quality education by preserving moral, social and spiritual values Implement effective teaching methods by appointing outstanding faculties to mine out the skills and inner potentialities through regular training programs for students, teachers, and parents. Maintain
proper infrastructure for a suitable learning environment.
At Parvati Prema Jagati Saraswati Vihar Sr. Sec School we recognize the imperative of imparting an educational experience that is world-class in every respect. We are an institute which lays emphasis on indigenous culture and moral value. We are a school with an Indian Mind India Heart and Indian Soul. With our core values such as “Shiksha” and “Sanskar”, we are determined to cater to the needs of every student in an effective manner. P.P.J.S.Vihar does understand its onus to transform the nascent into the enlightened who can be of efficient service to the nation and the community at large. In the present times of regional and communal upheavals, it is essential that children at an impressionable age strive to
attain academic excellence and at the same time, learn to transcend all unnatural barriers for a peaceful existence.

The school takes due care while weaving the fabric of scholastic & co-scholastic activities so as to create an ambiance wherein pupils not only appreciate such subtleties but also practice them in real-life situations.