Keeping in mind the difference in age and behaviour of the boys, junior and senior hostels are being separated. In every hostel there are more than one Wardens to look after the students. There is an arrangement of filtered water at many places in whole of the premises. In the winter season there is an arrangement of lukewarm water for the entire campus. Two boilers are there in the campus to provide the warm water for taking bath during the entire winter season. Students are given training to become self reliant and opportunities are provided to the student to participate in the hostel affairs.

Other provisions – There is an arrangement of huge washing plant along with the man power to wash the clothes and also dry cleaning arrangement for woolen garments.

A barber and a cobbler are also available in the school campus on every Sunday.

The school has its own LCD TVs in every hostel where students are able to see the educational programmes, news, sports for their recreation. The school is having its own projector on which the whole staff and students both see the motivational movies occasionally in Madhav Sabhagar (Hall).

Hostel Rules-

PPJSV Students are expected to conduct themselves as a gentleman at all times and in all places. The whole hearted and continuous cooperation of the guardians is expected in the formation of the character of their children. As the child progresses from lower to upper classes he will be given increasing opportunity to shift from conforming to externally imposing order to self-imposed discipline. Parents are expected to play their part by enforcing regularity and discipline to their wards. Politeness, courtesy of speech and conduct should be maintained while interviewing the Principal and school staff.

A)    We keep a close watch on the movements of children and have adequate arrangement for their security, and care of the students, in spite of it, if he escapes from the school, we make every possible effort to trace him and inform the parents immediately, but in such an event eventually neither the Principal nor any teacher or any other employee of the school will be held responsible.

B)    There is no accommodation available in the school for night stay of the guardians. Guardians are requested not to press for it.

C)    The visitors are not allowed to smoke or to use any intoxicant in the school campus.

D)    The Principal and the teachers are ever keen to meet the guardians. If the guardians happen to visit the school, they are advised to meet the Principal, Vice-Principal, Subject Teacher, Class Teacher and Hostel Warden.

E)    The guardians are expected to know that their frequent visit to see their wards comes in the way of daily routine of the school. On the last Sunday of every month they can see their ward between 10 am to 2 pm. They will not be allowed to meet their ward during night time.


This is the specialty of the PPJSV where approximately 350 students may have their meal at a time. This huge hall contains Annapurna Pratima and Slogans full of moral and ethics all around the walls. Before the meal the students chant the Vedic Bhojan Mantra as per the rituals of the Hindus. The hygienic conditions are very sound and much more emphasis has been given to the cleanliness of the workers. They wear neat and clean aprons and gloves in their hands at the time of cooking and serving the meal. PPJSV Mess supplies fully vegetarian and nutritious food (rice, chapattis, pulses, curry vegetables, seasonal salad etc.) as per the advice of the Doctor to the students. Seasonal fruits and milk added with Bourn-vita are the essential part of the diet provided to the students. Students enjoy delicious and nutritious breakfast with milk in the morning and seasonal fruits in the afternoon. School has an automatic steam cooking plant ensuring students to serve pure hygienic meal. The menu is revised time to time by mess committee in which two delegate student members are also included