Morning Assembly

This is a very affective session for the all-round development of the children, they will fresh and full of cosmic energy after practicing yoga and meditation, Pranav Japa, Bhramari pranayam, Anulom-Vilom and Bhastrika Kapalbhati etc. The assembly sets the prolific mood for the day by chanting of Sanskrit Ved-Mantras and Shlokas and synchronized prayer of Goddess Saraswati followed by Gayatri Mantra, Shanti Patth etc; along with the news reading thought of the day, term of the day, community singing, moral talk.

Prep classes

Three Prep Classes are arranged for students and all subject teachers are present to quench the thirst of knowledge and queries of the interested students.

Physical Exercise

Morning Physical exercise is also the integral part of the daily routine.

Vande Matram

To create the patriotic feelings amongst the students the school conducts the full rhythm of Vande Mataram when the school gets over.

In the evening time we conduct the ‘Shubhratri’ as evening Sandhya before the dinner, that is, the school is conducting the morning assembly and evening Sandhya both as per the Indian Traditions.

Student Councils and Clubs

The council has the responsibility of conducting the morning assembly under the guidance of the teachers and also helps in maintaining the school discipline. The office bearers are selected on the basis of academic excellence sense of duty, leadership qualities, self motivation, self esteem and exemplary moral character.

Eco and Nature club helps in inculcating the spirit of clean environment, the students participate in various campaigns like anti-crackers, say no to poly bags, van mahotsava, earth day, save the earth, wild life conservation day etc.

House System

The school follows a house system according to which the students are divided into six houses – Vivekanand, Savarkar, Shubhash, Shiva, Tilak and Arvind. Various inter house competitions help in keeping the spirit of healthy competition and longing for excellence alive. House activities are conducted on every Friday with full technical and projector support (such as Quiz, related to different aspects of education).


The Science and Social Science Exhibition are conducted at school, cluster, regional and national level by CBSE and Vidya Bharati that give opportunity to give expression to talent and scientific temper. Science projects are exhibited at first school level after that sent to cluster, regional and national level.

Career Counselling

The school takes great pains to organize career counselling session for senior students. Under the life skill programme expert speaker are invited to address the students on enriching the required topics with help in personality development.

Out Doors

The school takes special care for the adventurous and footloose souls and plans excursion, tracking and educational trips to various places of interest and outstations trips thereby infusing qualities of environment awareness.